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Lee Kuan Yew's Insights with Graham Allison and Robert Blackwill | US-China Institute

Kissinger Senior Fellow for U. Foreign Policy at the Council on Foreign Relations. His account is one of the most dispassionate, detailed, and readable firsthand descriptions yet published of Tibet under the Communist occupation.

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Since Communist China continues to occupy Tibet, the facts of this era remain obscure, and few of those who lived through it have recorded their experiences at length. In a mesmerizing story, Chanrithy Him vividly recounts her trek through the hell of the "killing fields. Death becomes a companion in the camps, along with illness. Yet through the terror, the members of Chanrithy's family remain loyal to one another, and she and her siblings who survive will find redeemed lives in America.

Americans in the twenty-first century are keenly aware of the many forms of terrorism: hijackings, biological attacks, chemical weapons. But rarely do we allow ourselves to face squarely the deadliest form of terrorism, because it is almost too scary to think about-a terrorist group exploding a nuclear device in an American city.

In this urgent call to action, Graham Allison, one of America's leading experts on nuclear weapons and national security, presents the evidence for two provocative, compelling conclusions. First, if policy makers in Washington keep doing what they are currently doing about the threat, a nuclear terrorist attack on America is likely to occur in the next decade. And if one lengthens the time frame, a nuclear strike is inevitable.

Second, the surprising and largely unrecognized good news is that nuclear terrorism is, in fact, preventable.

Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master's Insights on China, the United States, and the World

In these pages, Allison offers an ambitious but feasible blueprint for eliminating the possibility of nuclear terrorist attacks. The United States once relied on the threat of mutually assured destruction to deter the Soviet Union from launching a nuclear strike. But in today's fragmented world, a new strategy is needed, especially with nuclear material vulnerable to theft or sale through black-market channels.

The choice is ours: to grab this beast by the horns or to be impaled on those horns. We do not have the luxury of hoping the problem will go away, and Allison shows why. Until the age of five, Loung Ung lived in Phnom Penh, one of seven children of a high-ranking government official.

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She was a precocious child who loved the open city markets, fried crickets, chicken fights, and sassing her parents. While her beautiful mother worried that Loung was a troublemaker—that she stomped around like a thirsty cow—her beloved father knew Loung was a clever girl.

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Eventually, the family dispersed in order to survive. Loung trained as a child soldier in a work camp for orphans, while other siblings were sent to labor camps. As the Vietnamese penetrated Cambodia, destroying the Khmer Rouge, Loung and her surviving siblings were slowly reunited. Harrowing yet hopeful, insightful and compelling, this story is truly unforgettable. Account Options Sign in.

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Excerpt: "Lee Kuan Yew: The Grand Master’s Insights on China, the United States, and the World"

Blackwill Ali Wyne Henry A. Kissinger February 1, Lee, the founding father of modern Singapore and its prime minister from to , has honed his wisdom during more than fifty years on the world stage. Almost single-handedly responsible for transforming Singapore into a Western-style economic success, he offers a unique perspective on the geopolitics of East and West.

This book gathers key insights from interviews, speeches, and Lee's voluminous published writings and presents them in an engaging question and answer format. Ali Wyne is an associate of the Belfer Center. Reviews Review Policy.

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The Heat discusses the legacy of Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew pt. 2

Rewarding reads on love, life, knowledge, history, the future, and tools for thinking. Out of all the books I read this year, here is a list of what I found most worth reading in Here it is: Does it work? They just have to meet the […]. Lee Kuan Yew, the former Prime Minister of Singapore and the one responsible for its rise from third world to first in only a generation, is a great source of wisdom.

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They are going to have cell phones, Internet, satellite TV. They are going to be well-informed; they can organize themselves. So to ask China to become a democracy, when in its 5, years of recorded history it never counted heads; all rulers ruled by right of being the emperor, and if you disagree, you chop off heads, not count heads. And to beat your opponent in the next election, you have to promise to give more away. So it is a never-ending process of auctions—and the cost, the debt being paid for by the next generation.

Presidents do not get reelected if they give a hard dose of medicine to their people. So, there is a tendency to procrastinate, to postpone unpopular policies in order to win elections. The political cost of tax increases is high. This resulted in persistent government budget deficits and high public debt. Three attributes are vital in this competition—entrepreneurship to seek out new opportunities and to take calculated risks.

Standing still is a sure way to extinction. The third factor is good management. To grow, company managements have to open up new markets and create new distribution channels. The economy is driven by the new knowledge, new discoveries in science and technology, innovations that are taken to the market by entrepreneurs.