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Back to the Truth: Years of Advaita by Dennis Waite

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Back to the Truth: 5000 years of Advaita

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Advaita: Non-Dual Spirituality - from Ancient India to our Global Age

How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. He opens a critical dialogue between the ancient and the modern paths, whose exponents don't always agree. Absolutely brilliant This book will become a modern classic. A milestone in the history of Advaita. Paula Marvelly, author of The Teachers of One and Women of Wisdom We must congratulate Dennis Waite on his highly researched study of Advaita which comprehensively states all the different aspects and angularities of this Great Teaching.

It will surely prove to be a most helpful guide to the contemporary reader. As a student of the Sanskrit language he is well qualified to delve more deeply into the background texts, which make up traditional Advaita, than most people who are interested in the subject. This excellent and long awaited book also takes an extensive look at modern teachers and writers on Advaita, and, I would say, is essential reading for anyone at all interested in the subject. It is a clear and refreshing overview of the whole genre that is Advaita - not just one aspect of it - offering the facts, from the historical past right up until today, when non-dualistic teachings abound but often emphasise different aspects of the historical teachings.

This is a tool for anyone who genuinely wishes to gain a thorough comprehension of Advaita. Roy Whenary author of The Texture of Being A beautiful, articulate and extensive, yet compact anthology of pointers adverting to Truth. This compilation in itself is all that is needed for true understanding. Justus Kramer Schippers, Teacher and author of Living from Neutrality This work is a major achievement and should appeal to a wide audience of serious seekers and other students of life.

Dennis Waite is an experienced seeker and author who has the knack of imparting an immediate and satisfying sense of the underlying themes. The text is lucid, the references relevant and wide ranging, and the overall effect expansive and clarifying. This book is recommended to experienced Advaitins, as well as to those whose initial interest has led to a desire for a comprehensive review of the principles underlying this remarkable philosophy.

John Lehmann, Principal, School of Advaita, Philosophy Foundation, Waltham, Massachusetts, USA Using a variety of relevant sources, Dennis Waite brilliantly succeeds in challenging the validity of the beliefs we use to protect our non-existent ego from total annihilation.

Chuck Hillig, Author of The Enlightenment Quartet Dennis Waite in his new book on Advaita has given us a detailed, clear and balanced study of what this ancient wisdom means to us modern seekers, particularly with respect to the differences between the traditional school based on the scriptures and the more direct approach which finds favour with many spiritual seekers today.

He has cleared away unnecessary verbiage which surrounds this abstruse subject. Mr Waite deftly and cogently outlines the complex richness of the Advaitic view of the world and our relationship to it with a simplicity that only a person in command of his subject can reveal. He is thorough and exhaustive in his examination of the Advaita teachings, a sort of Ken Wilber of the Advaita world. His book is excellent for beginners and newcomers to Advaita simply because he covers all the bases with scrupulous honesty.

But his writing is also excellent for long time seekers and those who have already gotten it, those who have already had a profound opening and may wish to compare notes and sit back and sip the wine of a fine overview of this most ultimate of spiritual pathways to the Home that we never truly left. Philip T. The questions, and curiosity within, may assist in turning over every rock. The material here may be like a mirror-snake that reflects on itself, while eating its own tail - a disappearing act. Brian Lake and Naama Livni, Teachers. So who does the regular way of transcribing Sanskrit words not "satisfy"?

One obvious answer, of course, is that class of technical experts commonly referred to as 'techies' - elitists who relish complexity and technical refinement for its own sake and are prepared to sacrifice anything to get it which in this case means sacrificing the beauty and intelligibility of regularly transcribed Sanskrit. On page Waite tells us that "the previously most widely used scheme [of transcription] used symbols called macrons lines above letters and dots above and below letters, so that it was quite unsuitable for computer keyboards.

So why is Dennis pretending that it's impossibly difficult? And the diacritics he's talking about are often omitted, even in scholarly writing, without causing any problem. They are needed only for specialized purposes. Suddenly the fascinating subject of Advaita Vedanta is going to seem much less like fun. He's going to put the book down and look for something else, something he can actually read with pleasure without constantly stumbling over grotesque and unreadable words.

One such book I can strongly recommend, certainly to the newcomer to this field, is Hans Torwestern's Vedanta: Heart of Hinduism. In contrast to Waite's dry, over-technical, indigestible and well-nigh unreadable tome, Torwestern has given us an extremely well-written and interesting survey of Vedanta that we can actually read with enjoyment without the constant struggle to pronounce Sanskrit that has been tortured into the bizarre procrustean bed of ITRANS , a book that, in contrast to Waite's, will actually inspire readers to adventure further into the fascinating field of Advaita Vedanta, and that provides many pointers to further reading for those so motivated.

By Ann on Oct 18, I want to rave about Dennis Waite's advanced sequel to the excellent intermediate Book of One. Back to the Truth is the most comprehensive, easy to read exegesis of Advaita I've come across.

Waite covers all the essential aspects of Advaita, presenting views from an amazing range of teachers--ancient to contemporary. He also offers a superb reference guide to current teachers. I will reread and refer to this book for the rest of my life. By M23 on Jun 17, Be aware that it requires an inquisitive and intellectual mind to understand several concepts, sometimes you realize about some "truths" that might give you a mind shock.

Honestly a couple of things I really did not like about the book, first sometimes is very difficult to follow and the reading is not engaging. And second the book is very very repetitive and because of this it's easy to loss the interest on it. By Mikeal on Dec 10, I really enjoyed this book. Not my first on Advaita, but one of the best for over all summary and handling of the topic. Not the same as scripture or writings of aN avatar, but still very good. By Sagesmoke on Sep 23, What can I possibly say, that hasn't already been said, and said with better style, by all the wonderful reviews of this Landmark book?

It's an incredible, awe inspiring work. Dennis Waite is truly a gift to the World. His web-site, Advaita. Then factor in his knowledge of Sanskrit. The appendixes are nearly overwhelming--offering more resources and reviews, plus a glossary of Sanskrit terms. I'm done; this review could go on and on I have to say this, however, before I do.

To me, it is not the many quotes, and words of wisdom, past and current, that make this book so powerful, but Dennis's own words Don't be put off by the size or the scholarship of this book. The best thing about Dennis, his web-site, and his writing, is his generosity and his Integrity. It shines through everything he touches. By Wandering Swan on May 09, This one 'ere 32 years ago, had a rare lucid vision of a wandering swan winging a way home at night, but Who was performing the watch above the swan?

This most excellent book covers every topic that has obsessed this me these last 32 years, I might have written it myself, but I couldn't Waite. By Arturo Galeano on May 03, Perfect in everyway!! Really happy that I had the opportunity and wisdom to study this knowledge.

Thank you!!! By Richvh on Jul 28, This is my first book review, but when I received my copy of Back to the Truth I felt a sense of wonderment at how much had been covered and the extensive quotes which enrich the content. I rarely recommend books to others, but I have recommended this one often and given it as a gift to my very first teacher. It is an invaluable resource which you would want own if you are interested in Advaita and nonduality.

By Tullix on Dec 12, By Prior2yourstory on Mar 25, I believe, however, he left out a FOURTH way, rarely talked about or demonstrated, to my knowledge, by any living sage other than Ramaji. It is taught through RASA, Grace or Shaktipat transmitted in silence that has the potential to stabilize one in a permanent, non-dual realization and even complete Self-Realization. There is historical evidence of Ramana Marharshi, a teacher of the Direct Path, having this ability and repeating often, that the highest truth is transmitted in silence.

My personal experience with silent transmission or RASA is that my mind goes perfectly still, like the tranquil waters of a beautiful, crystal clear pond. I feel a peace undisturbed by any definition of peace. I have experienced RASA three different ways; remotely, in person in a group setting, and in person one on one. All were equally effective and essential on my so called 'journey'.

Add a Book Review. Back to the Truth: years of Advaita. Author: Dennis Waite. Publish Date: Jan 12, Weight: 2. Product Description. Customer Book Reviews Everything you wanted to know on advaita. At last, the book you have been searching for. The Ken Wilber of Advaita. Hang Your Hat. A Balanced Approach. Dennis has done it again!

Stellar Comprehensive Compendium of all Things Advaita. Profound topic and deep analysis but it can be difficult to follow. A wonderful handbook to Advaita. A Landmark Achievement. Wandering Swan. Five Stars. A Comprehensive Overview of Advaita. This particular edition is in a Paperback format. It was published by Mantra Books and has a total of pages in the book. To buy this book at the lowest price, Click Here. Missouri Mystic. How to Meet Yourself.