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I often make a version of the pasta dish when we have nothing much in the pantry. I use a lot more parsley and also add lemon zest to it which really lifts it. I use quite a generous amount of olive oil with it.

How exciting. One of the cakes had to be adapted as it originally contained smelling salts! That is really interesting. Imagine putting smelling salts into a cake. I wonder why they used that. OF course I have no idea what smelling salts are made of. Just what I see in the old films where some neurotic female faints and they wave the salts under her nose.

Thank you for sharing such interesting info. This is a Penguin set that I have been coveting, too. They just look so lovely! Have fun with the recipes there! I have the English journeys set and it is lovely. A bit older than the cookery set but they do pop up quite a bit esp in England which is where I ended up ordering mine in the end. Even with postage cheaper than Australia and available.

Waters created a revolution in the year , and hence writing became a passion for this chef. Although it is more like a browsing book, you cannot really miss this out of the top rated Alice Waters books list. Available in the hardcover edition, it consists of about pages. It was published by Clarkson Potter in the year Enter this one of the best Alice Waters books which will teach you the technicalities of cooking by heart. Being one of the best Alice Waters written works, it is available in hardcover. It is one of the good Alice Waters books written as of now.

Get its hardcover edition of pages. Edible Schoolyard: A Universal Idea Waters created a revolution in the year , and hence writing became a passion for this chef. Powered by WordPress Designed by Tielabs. A glance at the hundred and fifty or so recipes in these pages is enough to tell us that this is no ordinary cookery book.

Wonderful colour plates by Oliver Messel. Goan Cookbook. Panjim, Goa: Maureen's, No pretty pictures, just good basic recipes from Goa. Some of the ingredients may be a little difficult to source, but a good search of the internet will almost certainly prove successful. Classical Gambian Recipes. Second Edition, Revised and Enlarged. A good guide as well as a fascinating cookery book. Dinner is Served. London: Drive Publications, As New 47 pages.

An interesting look at food from Dormice and Thrushes to Gluttony in style. Fare Wisely and Well. Economical and appetising recipes following the austerity of the war years. Dustjacket in protective wrap. Good Sweets. Boards are browned and bottom half of spine is missing, contents good. Penguin Cordon Bleu Cookery. Renny, Juliet. London: Penguin Books Ltd, One of the great classics from the 's.

Michel - Ange. Lausanne: La Guilde du Livre, London: Universal Cookery and Food Association, Very Good 31 pages. First published in by the Universal Cookery and Food Association. Forward sic by David C. This edition limited to Hand-numbered copies. This is number Not paginated.

Facsimile of the original published in Oxford page 26 refers. Good Soups. Illustrated boards are browned. Good collection of recipes including Kilmeny Kail. Book of Sauces, The. How many sauces do you want? Everything from Agro-Dolce to Wyvern Sauce followed by numerous sweet sauces. Royal Favourites - Recipes from Palace Kitchens. Princes Risborough: Shire Publications, A fascinating insight into this ancient craft. La Vie Anglaise. London: Gollancz, Salt Industry. Princes Risborough: Shire Publications Ltd, Morse, Owen - Photographs.

Wether sweet or peppery, edible flowers always make a dish more refreshing and beauiful. Oxford: Lennard Publishing, History and geography have conspired with cooks to create one of the most varied and rewarding cuisines in the world, that of Spain and Portugal. London: Souvenir Press, Saffron is evocative enough to elicit the most sensuous descriptions. Over thousands of years it has perfumed the halls of Crete's palaces, made Cleopatra more alluring, and driven crusaders and German peasants to their deaths.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Eating Out is a fascinating study of the consumption of food outside the home, based on extensive original research carried out in England in the 's. Alice Springs: Jukurrpa Books, Slight creasing to front and rear covers. A field guide to the plants of Central Australia and their traditional uses.

Why do the wines of France grow where they do? This book will give you the full details of this fascinating subject. Studio Editions, The history of plants. With the Description. Wild Food. A unique photographic guide to finding, cooking and eating wild plants, mushrooms and seaweed. London: Viking, A wonderful memoir and a unique cookery book to celebrate the food, people and places of the British Raj in India. Pages - are lightly creased, not affecting text. Signed by author to title page.

Yes this is as new and would make a wonderful gift. A ' A riveting book with all the elements of a Hollywood Oscar winner; in this true story of the world's most eclectic chef you will find you will find war; famine; Royalty; unique kitchen designs and Florence Nightingale, all with recipes! Smell Culture Reader, The.

Gordon Ramsay’s Top 5 Steak Recipes

Oxford: Berg, From hygiene to aromatherapy, the fetid to the fragrant, smells are shown to be much more than just an adornment or a nuisance. Addressing this engaging sense in redolent detail, this book demonstrates how essential smell is to sexuality, social status, personal identity, and cultural traditions. Cover pages are curled to top edges, not affecting text. Exotic Fruit and Vegetables A-Z.

Interesting information about Joseph Wechsberg and his life.

Vannithone, Soon. An amazing variety of fruits and vegetables is now available in shops and markets all over the world. While this profusion of produce is an ever-growing source and delight to the adventurous shopper, there can be a deterrent to buying and sampling them. This book is a guide to most of the exotics you are likely to encounter. Almost vegetarian. London: Routledge, Why are we increasingly bombarded with 'expert' advice about what we should eat? Why do some individuals in Western societies voluntarily starve themselves while surrounded by food? This book a comprehensive overview of the literature, particularly helpful in this interdisciplinary field.

Small mark to top and bottom edge of pages, not affecting text. London: Picador, Read it if you dare: nothing you stick your nose into will ever be the same! Manchester: Mandolin, Is there an ideal diet for good health? Do we need genetically engineered tomatoes and are they safe? Why are eating disorders on the increase? Can we eat ethically? What will be next food scare after BSE?

And what is edible ecriture? In an age of well-founded anxiety about food this book offers comfort reading. Blake, Anthony - Photography.

Japanese Cooking | Shizuo Tsuji

London: Pyramid, Recipes and reminiscences from the internationally acclaimed chef-proprietor at London's La Tante Claire. London: London Food Seminar, Choices are rarely random, and particularly with food. The power of food arises not only because ideas about food are shared ideas, and therefore reflect their social contexts, but because they also help to construct them. Plums and Cherries - Bulletin London: His Majesty's Stationery Office, Good 74 pages plus 12 pages of black and white photographs to rear. Slightly curled to edges, not affecting text.

Herbs - Bulletin Number Good 61 pages. University of Leeds stamp to front cover and title page, not affecting text. Burgdorf: Opt Art Lizenz, A fascinating combining cookery with art. Hunting the classic brews, choosing the beer for the occasion, matching beer with food - this book combines everything a lover of beer needs.

New York: Sterling Publishing, Here is good news for Chinese food lovers! Now for the first time, a full-length book of recipes offers you a whole new range of possibilities for Chinese desserts, dim sum and snacks. Covers lightly creased, not affecting text. Fruit Garden Displayed, The. London: Royal Horticultural Society, This is a must have for anyone wanting to grow any type of fruit in their garden. Ontario: I. Fascinating history of maize. Hong Kong: Food Paradise Publishing, Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, Nancy Turner focuses on the plants that provided heat, shelter, transportation, clothing, clothing, nets, ropes, and containers -- the necessities of life for First Peoples in B.

She also shows how plant materials were effectively used in many other ways, such as for decoration and ornamentation, as scents, cleansing agents, and insect repellents, and for recreational activities. Over the millennia, the First Peoples have become highly skilled in the arts of working with plant materials. Turner describes more than plants, their various uses and their importance in the material cultures of First Nations. Each description has a colour photograph of the plant to aid in its identification.

This intriguing book brings together new, comparative insights and research to develop a better understanding of processes of integration and segregation, the role of food in the construction of identity, as well as the relationship between old and new food habits. Terra Madre - 1, World Food Communities. Bra, Italy: Slow Food Editore, As New pages. This book, which tells the stories of 1, 'Food Communities' from five continents, collects and describes an outstanding heritage of traditions, cultures and knowledge - from the Amazon jungle to the Asian steppes, from the mountains of Europe to the deserts of Africa.

So Shall We Reap. London: Allen Lane, How everyone who is liable to be born in the next ten thousand years could eat very well indeed; and why, in practice, our immediate descendants are likely to be in serious trouble. Chopsticks Recipes: More Dim Sum. Hong Kong: Chopsticks Publications Ltd. Third Printing. All recipes are given in English and Chinese. Snow Balls in Banana Leaves sounds tempting. Drinking has always meant much more than satisfying the thirst.

Drinking can be a necessity, a comfort, an indulgence or a social activity. Liquid Pleasures is an engrossing study of the social history of drinks in Britain from the late seventeenth century to the present. From the first cup of tea at breakfast to mid-morning coffee, to an evening beer and a 'night-cap', John Burnett discusses individual drinks and drinking patterns which have varied not least with personal taste but also with age, gender, region and class. He shows how different ages have viewed the same drink as either demon poison or medicine.

John Burnett traces the history of what has been drunk in Britain from the 'hot beverage revolution' of the late seventeenth century - connecting drinks and related substances such as sugar to empire - right up to the 'cold drinks revolution' of the late twentieth century. Ease and Endurance.

Memoir by the eminent London-based gay French chef and cookery writer, one time owner of the priciest restaurant in London, friend of numerous famous persons. Remains of dustjacket loosely inserted to front. Dessert Pears. Number 8 in the Countryman Library. Everything you need to know about growing dessert pears, together with a small section on preserving.

Recipes and Lessons from a Delicious Cooking Revolution

Shops and Shopkeeping in Eighteenth Century England. A fascinating insight into the retail world of the eighteenth century, wonder how that would compare with the modern retail giants of today? As long as people have lived in North America, wild plants have been an important source of food. For Native people in western Canada, the nutritional and cultural contribution made by these plants was immense: in all, some species of wild plants provided food.

The different ways in which these were used resulted in an almost limitless selection of dishes derived from wild plants. Douglas Wills Lecture Bristol: University of Bristol, Good 18 pages. Apple production in England - its history from Roman times to the present day. Don's Secrets. Makes a perfect dish to send anyone. Wonderful collection of recipes from the 's. Not too certain how many still survive, but black and white images of four of their outlets must be collector's items.

Book of Latin American Cooking. London: Jill Norman, Among the enticing dishes that Mrs Ortiz gives are tiny filled tortillas from Mexico, crisp green plantain chips from Colombia, fish in tangerine sauce, poultry in chilli and chocolate sauce, veal stew baked in a large pumpkin, courgette flower soup, corn bread and Brazil nut cake. Shipley: Mrs L. Noble, First Edition. Good Reading Copy 56 pages. An early vegetarian cookery book. Not dated, but advertisements would suggest early 's.

Covers are poor, although contents remain clean and intact - Mock Fish Cutlets for anyone? Originally published in , this is a wonderful insight to the life of North American Indians and their ability to utilise the plant life around them for everyday use. Not too certain about some of the medicinal uses, but presumably they had no other options - guess they now go to the chemist druggist as we all do. History of Shopping, A. This is a great work of interest, the history of retailing from the consumer's point of view, of the shops, fairs, markets and travelling salesmen that served him or her in the past.

A fascinating look at the history of gin, published by the The Gin and Vodka Association to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Enclosed in slipcase. Meat: A Natural Symbol. This book is a broad-ranging and provocative study of the human passion for meat. It will intrigue anyone who has ever wondered why meat is important to us; why we eat some animals and not others; why vegetarianism is increasing; why we aren't cannibals; and how meat is associated with environmental destruction.

This is a reference, not cookery, book. Red Letter Days. Molly Kean using drawings by Snaffles - Johnson Payne has produced this updated version, originally produced in , with eight illustrations in colour and a new preface by Molly. Electrical Equipment of Automobiles, The.

Good 5. Eating Out: Guide to European Dishes. A wonderful guide to dishes from around Europe. No recipes but lots of guidance to terminology and contents. Historic Cookery. This book which first appeared in , may have been the earliest cookbook of New Mexican foods to be published. Many of the recipes were heirlooms from the author's family and others were collected from villagers in northern New Mexico. Round The World In Recipes. Zena Skinner's Down to Earth Cookbook. Stonecastle Graphics. London: Robson Books, Good practical everyday recipes.

Veg and 2 Veg. Murphy, James - Photographs. Includes vegetarian recipes. Indonesian Cookery. London: Rider, Recipes from Java, Bali and other islands. Some shelfwear to bottom edge, front cover is creased. Hot and Spicy. London: Grafton, Unusual, innovative recipes from the world's fiery cuisines. London: Conran Octopus, Bread is the staff of life, eaten every day all over the world, and the variety of breads made is vast - from hearty multi-grain loaves, slim baguettes made with fine white flour, dark, moist breads that are almost cake-like in texture, and breads rich with dried fruits and nuts, to flat breads, crispbreads, griddle cakes, rolls and puffy biscuits, doughnuts and sweet spicy buns.

Over a hundred and fifty recipes that explore the full potential of mutton and lamb. German Home Cooking. Bielefeld: Ceres-Verlag, Special issue for English speaking countries. Top corner of rear cover has been clipped. Odell, Tony. Home made cake? Foods from the Far East. Soun, Thao. This book is about a fascination with foodstuffs. It can be your guide through an immense and profound realm of Asian cookery. Michael Field's Cooking School. Wells, Roderick. New York: M. Barrows and Company, A selection of great recipes demonstrating the pleasures and principles of fine cooking.

Saunders, Paul. Loughton: Judy Piatkus, Baclava using puff pastry is brilliant!! With Gusto and Relish. Not too certain about the introduction to brains - Whatever brains you have, always remember to blanch them. Middle Eastern Cookery. London: Eyre Methuen, Shiraz Date Cake has to be a winner! Food and Travels : Asia. Not too certain if this is a cookery or travel book! Overseas customers please contact us for shipping quote, this book weighs 1. Complete Cookbook.

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London: Ted Smart, Great classic cooking including of her all-time favourite recipes. Nicola Cox on Game Cookery. London: Victor Gollancz, A collection of recipes, some classic and some unusual, for fish, game and their accompaniments. The ideas range from dinner party dishes to snacks made from game left-overs.

Madhur Jaffrey's World Vegetarian. An unrivalled sourcebook of over recipes and ingredients from all over the globe. Wild Mushroom Cookbook, The. Poole, Kenneth H.. London: Green Print, Interesting book for the more adventurous cook. Pastry Book. How many more ideas do you want for pastry!

Best of Austrian Cooking, The. Innsbruck: Pinguin-Verlag, Apfelstrudel to Zanderfilets mit Mandeln, a collection of great recipes from Austria. Caribbean Cooking. The recipes in this book come from islands all over the Caribbean Fried Cow for anyone? Vintage Food Sampler, A. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, A choice selection from books about food and cookbooks. Recipes of the United Nations. London: John Gifford, The recipe for Colonial Goose does not include goose!

More Slow Cooker Recipes. For every busy person this has to be the answer to every evening meal. World Food Cafe. Merrell, James - Photographer. London: Frances Lincoln, Pictorial Cover. Beetroot and Brinjal Black Curry should certainly get your taste buds alive!

This is a new collection of recipes taken from Delia's files, which span 33 years of recipe writing and television. Overseas customers please contact us for shipping quote, these books weigh 5kg. Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Chicken. Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Chocolate. Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Fish.

Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Italian. Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Pork. Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Baking. Delia Collection, The - 8 Volumes - Puddings. Cooking with Elizabeth Craig. London: Collins,. A cookery book for the housewife on modest income, including gravure illustrations and over 1, Recipes. Publisher details simply say 'copyright'. Wonderful collection of steamed puddings! Sixth Impression. Baked carrots sound interesting.

This has to be one of the great classics from the 's - comic strip format throughout. London: Horace Cox, One of a series of 14 titles. Also published as a boxed set which we have in stock. Making Light of Cooking. Interesting booklet promoting the use of Stork margarine.

  • Lucia Rising: Queen, Miss Mapp Including the Male Impersonator, Lucia in London.
  • Dreaming: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions);
  • Reading Guide from The United States of Arugula | Penguin Random House Canada.

Forgotten Household Crafts. London: Dorling Kindersley, Favorite Country Recipes. Good pages plus index. Invitation to Dine, A - Favourite Recipes. Inscribed By the Author. Inscription to inside front cover reads - With best wishes and many thanks. Jennifer Hall. Round the World in Eighty Dishes. London: John Murray, Does exactly what the title says - 80 dishes from around the world.

Fisherman's Lemons from Portugal should make an interesting starter. For Home Use. Good 45 pages. This recipe book, containing other helpful and relative general information, has been compiled for private personal use. Invaluable to the Host and Hostess. Not too certain about some of the 'cures', but adding it to Christmas Pudding should be interesting. Alfreton Cookery Book, The. Poston, Eileen. Ex-library Cotham Grammar School. Lacks free front endpaper. Any cookery book which includes Jam Roly Poly has to be a must!! Lingfords Recipe Book. Good Reading Copy 36 pages. Promotional publication using Lingfords Baking Powder.

Well used and stained, but complete, an interesting item from the early 's. Davis, Francis W.. New York: Gramercy Publishing, Very much an American fish and game recipe book. Not too certain where you would find bear steaks! Usual library markings, but complete tight book. How to Cook the Skyline Way. Good Reading Copy 55 pages plus index. Green pepper curry in 10 minutes?

Chafing Dish and Casserole Cookery. Fourth Edition.