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Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Dec 30, Scott rated it it was ok. I am not a big fan of politics, but I do enjoy reading about topics related to demographics.

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I bought this book a while back on a whim, as I was curious to know how shifts in demographics in certain states might have played a role in the outcome of the presidential election. After not touching it for several months, I eventually decided that I should read the book before it became outdated and irrelevant. It did not take a rocket scientist to figure out that we were headed towards a change in the party in power in the White House.

The book, through careful analysis, attempts to detail the shifts in the way various demographic segments in each state voted and how that ultimately translated to a victory for Obama in I think the book does a fairly good job of this, despite the fact that many of the results were just not that difficult to explain. Blue states stayed blue or turned bluer , and likewise, most of the red states stayed true to form. However, I think the overall mood of discontentedness around the country permeated all but the most conservative of demographic segments in the electorate, and this manifested itself in the election results.

My personal opinion is that, we face now, and will always face, challenges in this country. Things are not ever going to be perfect. Over time, voters tend to become unhappy with the status quo, at which time they revert back to voting for the party that is not in power, thinking that is the necessary solution.

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This generally happens every 8 to 12 years. I think it happened in , and I think it will happen again in 4 or 8 years. Just like clockwork. Nov 29, Jonathan Barry rated it liked it Shelves: poli-sci. This is a very stats-heavy book.

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The sections on battleground states and receding battleground states are quite interesting, but the rest of the book is rather dry, through no fault of the authors. It's best used as a quick reference rather than a read by a cozy fireplace. Oct 22, Robert rated it really liked it. A fairly decent interpretation of the statistics.

It involved enough explanation and there was a fair balance of actual book and just dry numbers. Too bad Obama isn't president anymore :. Feb 23, Gerald rated it it was amazing. Provocative argument that Obama didn't so much win Ohio as McCain lost it. This is based on a decline of GOP voters compared to Now the people who campaigned for Obama, knocked on doors, registered new voters, etc. McCain, however, was not perceived as a reliable conservative and his choice of Palin was seen by many as reckless.

As the economy gained in importance, McCain seemed more a bystander than a player in the solution. The fake-suspension of his campaign and Provocative argument that Obama didn't so much win Ohio as McCain lost it.

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The fake-suspension of his campaign and all that was widely seen as strategy to make him appear decisive rather than being decisive. After all, the House GOP actually voted down the bank bailout bill after his careful ministrations and pledges of support. Jul 19, Caitlin rated it it was ok Shelves: high-school-required-reading , non-fiction. I read this as a summer reading assignment for AP Government. I enjoyed reading it more than I expected. The Introduction was interesting because it went over just how Barack Obama pulled off his win and all the obstacles and upsets along the way.

The rest of the book talks specifically about what went down come election day in every state. To put it bluntly: that was boring. Still, as a young person, I think it's valuable to now have a better idea of the mechanics of the election. Anyone l I read this as a summer reading assignment for AP Government. Anyone looking to feel a little more enlightened, this is the book for you. Especially if you seek enlightenment by way of polls and statistics.

Mar 14, Bradley rated it liked it.

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  8. Chuck Todd is a moron. That guy should be banned from TV. I remember him saying on election night, "I predict that race will be less of an issue in Southern states because they have dealt with race in the past, they have a legacy of dealing with racial discrimination. Stupid me, I bought this book and realized after reading it that everything contained in this book was garnered from the nightly news or Hardball with Chris Matthews.

    I want my money back Chuck Todd is a moron. I want my money back! Aug 04, Tom Fuchs added it. A lot of raw statistical data, but there are some interesting patterns that emerge the hispanic vote swinging so wholly over into the Obama camp despite the inroads GW made in the previous elections and some fun conjecture on their part as to which states might be becoming battlegrounds as well as previously-labeled battleground states that are battlegrounds no longer.

    Apr 30, Julie rated it really liked it. Had some very interesting facts and was primarily statistics-hence the "State by State Guide". Despite his inexperience in national politics and limited experience in state politics Obama was first elected to political office in , he assembled a remarkably cohesive and effective "no drama" campaign team Mendell, , which in turn helped him craft and deliver his message of hope and change that ultimately resonated with the majority of American voters on election night, November 4, The origins of this "improbable" campaign, to use Obama's words, can be traced to July 27, Obama was on his way to an easy victory in his campaign for the U.

    Senate from Illinois when he was invited to give the keynote address at the Democratic Convention in Boston.

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    Many pundits refer to this speech as the one which placed Illinois State Senator Obama before the national electorate and where he established himself as a different type of Black American politician Souza, Obama described himself as a post-civil rights, multi-cultural "Horatio Alger" Obama, He rejected the divisiveness of the left and the right that had marred American politics for decades and in his rhetoric embraced a singular United States of America while laying claim to the values of hope and change for a better America.

    That speech before millions of American television viewers generated a resounding outpouring of national support. Consequently, Obama toured the nation to introduce himself to the electorate, wrote a best-selling book, The Audacity of Hope Obama, to extend that introduction, and in January , organized a presidential campaign committee. Obama gave an initial insight into his presidential campaign philosophy by making his announcement at the same place that Abraham Lincoln, in , gave his "House Divided" speech Green, Obama's "Yes We Can" speech called for a house united not divided.

    However, it took his surprise victory over frontrunner, New York Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, in the Iowa caucuses, on January 3, nearly one year later, to persuade political observers that the junior Senator from Illinois was a serious contender for the Presidency. Senator Obama's campaign was especially energized by thousands of youthful volunteers working hard under the slogan, "Fired up! Ready to Go! With their support Obama won a string of primary and caucus victories beginning on Super Tuesday February 5.

    With these wins, pledged delegates and super delegates began a slow but decisive move to endorse Senator Obama's candidacy.