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Stepping stones -A simple and short story

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Show next xx. My dad used to tell me and my siblings funny stories about these characters he made up, so I decided to write my own as a surprise for him. It started out just like any of my other short stories, but as I kept writing it, it got longer and started changing, the story started going deeper.

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  • It actually meant something. I came to a sort of crossroads: I could either keep the story the way I saw it at first, or I could abandon that and see where this new adventure, this new kind of writing, would take me. I always loved to read, but never thought about pursuing writing as a career. I was hooked. I never realized that contemporary stories could be so engrossing I spent my whole childhood with my head in fantasy. But that was the first book that made me write my first story. Now I write across genres in YA contemporary, fantasy, urban fantasy, and sci-fi. That book was my stepping stone, and still my favorite book to this day because of it!

    One of my stepping stones was when a friend suggested we start a writing club. I latched onto the idea and organized it. Once I started writing for the writing club, I realized this was actually something I enjoyed. Another stepping stone was reading Jaye L. It certainly helped that she was a young author just like me.

    The Story of Stepping Stones

    And now I write fantasy! Another book as a stepping stone! I love this. And how cool to have a writing club.

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    • Fantasy was my first favorite genre. Those books made me want to create my own worlds and characters. Also, another stepping stone was the fact that my grandma and my mom encouraged me to write. They always cheered me on, and I am so grateful for their part in fostering my love for writing. Having family that cheers you on is so incredible! THIS direction. For me, one of these stepping stones materialized at an office party in Portland, Oregon. How about you? When you look back do you see any shimmering stepping stones?

      Moments that led you to pursue storytelling? Did you find this post helpful?

      Stepping Stones

      Share it with your friends! Samantha on March 29, at am. Gotta love how books evoke emotion—good or bad. Fun story!