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Resolving problems with others opens you up more to asking something from God. Get in touch with the person and seek reconciliation before going to God. Apologize to them or forgive them, depending on what is wrong between you. Pray against evil that may be around you.

If you are living for God, you may have evil that is against you, holding you back from God. Pray that God would remove any spirits who seek to keep you distant and distracted from God.

Affirmations: "God, Hear My Prayers." Prayer Affirmations for Connecting with God

Spiritual warfare will keep you from being able to effectively communicate with God. In Jesus' name, please rebuke these spirits. Do not let them come between us. Tell them that they have no power over me.

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Be honest with God about what you are feeling. God knows everything you think and feel, so there is no sense in hiding. As you are asking for what you want, be completely honest about your thoughts and feelings. Ask God specifically for what you want. Tell God what you want or need and ask Him to provide that for you.

God, grant me…

Be specific about your request. Even though God knows what you want and need, He wants you to ask Him for it. God can answer vague prayers, but being specific creates a deeper bond between you and Him. He may have other plans for you.

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  4. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change | Growth Practices.
  5. Please let me pick up some extra hours at work so that I can pay my rent. Check your heart and check the Bible to see if what you are asking for is against His will. Invite God to work in the ways He wants to work. Although you may have many specific things you want from God, another good thing to pray is that His will be done in your life. Ask Him to move and use you however He wants, not only how you want.

    God, Grant This Suffering Soul Release

    Ask Him to help you want the things that He wants for you. Although you may know exactly what you want, God may have much more for you than you could think to ask for. If you only ask for the thing you want, you could miss out on a larger blessing. Call on God to hurry in answering your request.

    Serenity Prayer - Wikipedia

    If you are asking God for something, you probably want Him to act quickly. Being honest with God means telling Him that you want Him to work quickly. He is on His own time, so it may not happen at the speed you want. Be patient waiting for God to Work. Remember that God works on a different timeline than you do. Wait on His timing and remember that there may be a reason He does not answer as quickly as you want Him to. Continue to praise Him. If you only praise Him when He acts as you want, your praise may not be genuine. Trust that God will act according to his will.

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    If you don't believe that God has the power to act, your prayer loses power. You must believe that He has heard you and will act based on His will. If your request fits His plan, then he will grant what you want, but remember that God doesn't always answer the way you want Him to. Keep praying, and remember to ask God for the wisdom and courage to continue in your job search.

    Have patience and faith that if you remain positive and keep trying, you will eventually get a job. Yes No.

    God protect you in swahili

    Not Helpful 2 Helpful Mathew - "He said to them, 'Because of your little faith. He can do wonders in our life.

    Insight and inspiration from the writings of Paramahansa Yogananda

    God doesn't "expect" things, but he does want everyone to be respectful to one another, to pray and attend church, perform acts of kindness and charity, etc. It's all in the Bible. Our opinions are up to us, and our impulses, desires, aversions—in short, whatever is our own doing. Our bodies are not up to us, nor are our possessions, our reputations, or our public offices, or, that is, whatever is not our own doing.

    The 8th-century Indian Buddhist scholar Shantideva of the ancient Nalanda University suggested: [13]. If there's a remedy when trouble strikes, What reason is there for dejection? And if there is no help for it, What use is there in being glum? The 11th-century Jewish philosopher Solomon ibn Gabirol wrote: [14]. And they said: At the head of all understanding — is realizing what is and what cannot be, and the consoling of what is not in our power to change.

    The philosopher W. Bartley juxtaposes without comment Niebuhr's prayer with a Mother Goose rhyme expressing a similar sentiment: [15]. For every ailment under the sun There is a remedy, or there is none; If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it. Friedrich Schiller advocated the first part in "Blessed is he, who has learned to bear what he cannot change, and to give up with dignity, what he cannot save. Theodor Wilhelm , a professor of education at the University of Kiel , published a German version of the prayer under the pseudonym "Friedrich Oetinger".

    The prayer became more widely known after being brought to the attention of Alcoholics Anonymous in by an early member, [20] who came upon it in a caption in a "routine New York Herald Tribune obituary". It has been part of Alcoholics Anonymous ever since, and has also been used in other twelve-step programs. God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The best-known form is: God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

    April 28, The Chronicle Review. Bartlett's Familiar Quotations 17th ed. July—August Yale Alumni Magazine. Avon, Massachusetts: Adams Media. Prayer: A History. Houghton Mifflin. Brown, Robert McAfee ed. Paul, however, uses an effective argument, arguing from the less to the greater in vv. He says that if a human covenant or will cannot be changed or annulled but is binding on both parties, then how much more enduring is a divine covenant made by the Almighty God?

    God never abrogated His covenant with Abraham, and He never altered it. God never told Israel that they needed to keep the Law to be saved, only that they trust in Him, as Abraham did. Joseph was 17 Gen. So, 13 years after he came into Egypt makes it BC. Nine years later, in the second year of the famine Gen.