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This documentary history of 20th century China begins with the turn-of-the-century Boxer uprising to set the stage for understanding the choices at stake for 20th century Chinese. It then focuses on the always-dramatic choices of identity that have continually confronted the Chinese. In many cases these choices have meant life or death. Keith Schoppa Introduction Whereas Western society is focused on the individual, China's basic social unit is the group.

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The group, of which most important is the family, is conceptualized as existing prior to the individual. The wealth and power of the mid-Qing state was yet generally unscathed, despite various indications that severe problems were beginning to emerge. The Decline of the Traditional State, Topics: - domestic politics - social and economic developments - the worlds of thought and culture - relations with the outside world China in China reached its apogee of wealth and power during the reign of the Qianlong emperor - Efficient and effective government in the reigns of the Qianlong emperor's father and grandfather Yongzheng, Kangxi had created a situation in which economic prosperity could flourish.

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Agricultural commercialization and diversification helped fuel and economic boom that had a great impact on Chinese society. Print Reference Sources. A63 Cambridge Histories Online Cambridge Histories covering American, British, economic, regional, and general history, language and linguistics, philosophy, religious studies, theatre studies and performing arts, etc. A history of Japanese literature with comprehensive coverage of the premodern and modern eras in a single volume.

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The book is arranged topically in a series of short, accessible chapters for easy access and reference, giving insight into both canonical texts and many lesser known, popular genres, from centuries-old folk literature to the detective fiction of modern times. The various period introductions provide an overview of recurrent issues that span many decades, if not centuries.

The book also places Japanese literature in a wider East Asian tradition of Sinitic writing and provides comprehensive coverage of women's literature as well as new popular literary forms, including manga comic books. Part of Cambridge History Online. Stockwin and J.

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  • Stockwin The politics of Japan are less widely reported than its economics. Most people are aware of the economic 'miracle' following the Second World War, whereby Japan became the second largest economy in the world after the United States, and the economic stagnation of the early s is also well known.

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    But it is difficult to make sense of these phenomena without a knowledge of the political system and the ways in which it works in practice. Containing an introductory essay, an essay on theories of Japanese politics and over A-Z entries, the Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan remedies this imbalance, and answers the need for an accessible work of reference bringing together information and authoritative analysis on all aspects of the politics of Japan and the Japanese political system. Including a fully annotated bibliography to guide the user to further reading, the entries are thoroughly cross-referenced and indexed, and are supplemented with maps and tables, to ensure that the Dictionary of the Modern Politics of Japan is essential reading for all scholars and students of the politics and international relations of Japan.

    Oxford Bibliographies. Literary guide to significant sources on a variety of subjects. Works as an annotated bibliography and a high-level encyclopedia. Stockwin; J. Stockwin ISBN: Historical dictionary of modern Japanese literature and theater With the Meiji Restoration in , Japan opened its doors to the West and underwent remarkable changes as it sought to become a modern nation. Accompanying the political changes that Western trade ushered in were widespread social and cultural changes.